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Want a little bit of this and a little bit of that? Do you think that the red pill and the blue pill are both really great pills? Are you a little wishy-washy? (See what we did there?) Then this soap is the choice/non-choice for you!


Each bag has two sample size soaps (apprioximately 2 oz. each). They make great gifts for family, friends, teachers, co-workers, frenemies/nemesis, ninjas, mutants, wizards, faceless men and Uber drivers. 


These are grab bags that are dealer's choice and will contain two of the following:


  • Chill as Folk
  • Redheaded Stepchild
  • You Need A Permit For That Lemonade Stand
  • Mechanic's Breakfast
  • So What I Sent Flowers To Myself?
  • Basic Bitch (Goat's Milk)
  • 24 Karat
  • Hellraiser
  • Incarnation
  • Hibiscus Wit

Wishy-Washy Sample Set