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This COVID-19 stuff is obviously affecting the farming community, with multiple farmer's markets being cancelled this month. This time of year farmer's markets are a majority of our income. And as much as we would like to ask the community for help, we also wnt to help our community. So what we decided to do is create our own handcrafted HAND SANITIZER and SURFACE/HAND SPRAY. They're very essential and in short supply these days! Both are 2 oz and perfect for carrying in your pocket.


We like to use the hand sanitizer throughout the day anytime we come into contact with the general public. It's a good supplement when you're on the go and in between throrough hand washing.

We like to to use the surface spray on things like phones, credit card touch pads, wallets, purses, shopping cart handles, car door handles, steering wheels, etc and even your hands.


We will be shipping these beginning on TUESDAY, MARCH 17 (St. Patrick's Day!)


2 oz. Hand sanitizer ingredients:

  • Isopropyl alcohol (each bottle contains the 60% alcohol by volume needed to kill viruses)
  • aloe vera gel (moisturizer)
  • witch hazel (natural antiviral properties)
  • vitamin E (skin soother and moisturizer)
  • rose water (skin soother)
  • tea tree essential oil (smells good)


2 oz. Surface/hand spray ingredients:

  • 70% isopropyl alcohol
  • lavender essential oil

Hand Sanitizer & Surface Spray